Wild Dolphin Feeding

Dolphin feeding is carried out each day – 7 days a week all year round at Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Centre – Norman Point – beside the Boat Ramp.

The dolphins are normally in around 7 – 7.30am and feeding time is 8am, then they leave for another day. Some days they may be late or not show at all, but that depends on the dolphins.

It is suggested if you want to feed them be there when the gates/cafe opens at 7am, as it all depends on how many dolphins come in as to how many people get to feed them. The Centre has a quota on the amount of fish that can be fed to each dolphin on a daily basis.

Allocated car & tourist parking is signed on the way into the Norman Point Boat Parking Area.

Public toilets are located behind the swimming pool.

For more information please contact Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Centre


Boat Ramps

Tin Can Bay being the boating and fishing paradise that it is, has two public boat ramps located around the bay.

The most used Ramp is situated at Norman Point between the Volunteer Coast Guard and Barnacles Cafe', this boat ramp is popular because of the large car and trailer parking area at the top of the ramp and allows the quickest access to the rest of the Great Sandy Straits as well as the passage to the open sea.

The second boat ramp is located at the southern end of the bay at the Crab Creek opening and also has a small car park. You will also find Temptations by the water café located in Crab Creek, public toilets and a covered  public bbq area.


Tin Can Bay and the surrounding water ways are well known for its fishing and crabbing opportunities. The area boasts both estuary fishing and reef fishing for those enthusiastic anglers. The variety of fish that can be caught in the Great Sandy Straits and estuaries is extensive due to the mangrove breeding grounds found through out the straits, some of the more popular fish are whiting, flathead, bream, cod, mangrove jack, mackeral, tailor and some of the tall stories told by the locals would have you believe the occasional barrumundi.

The reef fishing means a trip across the bar before you can reach the bombies (small rock clusters ) and reefs and have just as many varieties as the estuary fishing. Some of the most popular fish to be caught are snapper, squire, pearl pearch, tailor, sweet lip, cod and red emperor.

Another popular fishing spot is the world heritage listed Fraser Island, where the beach fishing is of world standards and holds an annual fishing competition every year that attracts thousands of anglers from around the globe.
If you want fresh bait then there is plenty to be found. The Tin Can Bay foreshore at low tide will produce yabbies, the jetties will gain you white bait and other small bait fish. Rainbow Beach can supply fresh sand worms and pippies for the beach fisherman. The local shops can also supply bait for both fishing and crabbing.


For those with the bug, the Tin Can Bay Country Club has an 18 hole golf course that should satisfy your itch for sand, water or the trees, and if you are lucky the fairways. Either way you can take a stroll around the course or hire one of the golf buggies at very reasonable rates and don't forget to visit the 19th hole!




Lawn Bowls

Tin Can Bay has two venues for lawn bowling, The Country Club or the Cooloola Bowls Club, both have friendly and welcoming atmospheres.


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